Consignment used saddles - how does it work

At Bahr Saddlery we take selected used saddles on consignment. All used saddles considered for consignment have to be seen in our workshop and we can then tell you a fair market value. We reserve the right not to take certain saddles on consignment for various reasons, i.e. structural integrity, condition and some brands.
We do not take any fittings or covers for consignment saddles. We do not offer consignment sale for any other tack or any other items. We appreciate if you could leave the saddle with us for a few days to enable us to do a market research.

- All consignment saddles must be clean, in good repair and free from mold and mildew. All cleaning and repairs have to be completed and 
  paid for prior to starting a consignment period. We offer saddle cleaning/conditioning for a fee of $ 75.00 + appl. taxes.
- Consignment fee is 25% or $ 75.00 (whichever is higher) or 100% store credit

- Bahr Saddlery Ltd or consignor may cancel the consignment at any time. Any saddle taken back permanently or short term by the 
  owner for whatever reason before a 30 day period after the saddle is accepted as consignment is subject to a $ 25.00 + tax admin fee.

- Consignor is responsible for any fees connected with returning the saddle if not sold

- Consignor agrees to allow the saddle to be signed out including shipping by courier to prospective buyers for trial purposes at  
  the prospective buyers expense.

- Bahr Saddlery will explain in detail to any prospective buyer that they are responsible for the saddle when in their care. Bahr Saddlery 
  will retain credit card details during the time of sign out. Trial period is customary 3 to 5 days - respectively longer for long distance
  trials. This trial period can be extended upon request at the discretion of Bahr Saddlery.

- Consignor allows Bahr Saddlery to mark the saddle in reasonable small writing in the gullet area with Bahr Saddlery’s name, a date and
  our inventory tracking number with permanent marker for identity purposes

- Saddles un-sold/un-claimed, whereas Bahr Saddlery will make reasonable attempts for 90 days to contact the seller of a used saddle 
  several times under the contact addresses/phone numbers/emails provided, will become property of Bahr Saddlery and will be 
  donated to charities within the equestrian community.


Saddle shipping for possible Consignment or Repair/Tree Adjustment

We offer saddle shipping through our Purolator account. Shipping charge is $ 45.00 each way per saddle to and from most locations in Canada. If for some reasons shipping to and/or from your location is more than the usual $ 45.00 we will contact you.

If you wish to use this service please email us at with the weight and dimensions of your shipment, a physical address, a daytime number and contact us with a credit card with exp. date and security code. We can then process shipping and email you a shipping label. You can then contact Purolator at 1-888-744-7123 and arrange a pickup or drop off your shipment at your nearest Purolator depot Location.

For a saddle repair shipment we process shipping both ways and a courier label is then ready to return the saddle to you.