Helmet Accident Replacement Policy

If a UVEX or IRH helmet is involved in accident within the replacement period (3 years from date of purchase), it can be sent back to Bahr Saddlery for replacement at a reduced cost to the end user provided that the following criteria are met:

1) We will issue a replacement helmet to the customer upon receipt of the original helmet, a copy or the original receipt, a signed and dated letter describing the accident, a contact name and telephone number, email, credit card information to cover the cost of the replacement helmet and all return shipping costs.

2) To return your helmet to you must have a Return Authorization. To obtain an authorization simply call Bahr Saddlery at 905-878-8885 or 866-667-2247 or email us at info@bahrsaddlery.com and we will provide an RA authorization. Please provide the details about this authorization with your returned helmet.

3) Return the damaged helmet to Bahr Saddlery, 13329 Steeles Ave West, Hornby,  ON, L0P 1E0
Please note that you, as the customer, are responsible for all shipping charges.

4) In order to receive a replacement helmet from CAN-PRO, the following must be included with the damaged helmet:
i) The original or copy of the original receipt with the helmet.
ii) A signed & dated letter describing the accident
iii) Contact name & telephone number should be included in the letter.
iv) A certified check, money order, or credit card information for full paymentas outlined below.

5) Crash replacement helmets will be dropped shipped directly to the end user.

End User Crash Replacement Costs:
UVEX - Suxxeed Glamour $355.85
IRH Medallist -$39.95
UVEX - Suxxeed Active $250.90
IRH EquiLite - $29.95
UVEX - Perfexxion Active $162.35
IRH Equi Pro - $31.95
UVEX - Perfexxion Active CC $162.35
UVEX - Perfexxion Glamour $226.85
UVEX - Perfexxion Elegance CC $209.35
UVEX - Perfexxion Classic $136.10
UVEX - Perfexxion Active Plus $186.40
UVEX - Perfexxion Active RS $162.35
UVEX - Supersonic Mat $78.75
UVEX - Supersonic Ribbon $80.15
UVEX - Onyxx $57.40

CHARLES OWEN Riding Helmets

Please go to Charles Owen website: www.charlesowen.com, select your country, fill out the accident report form and Charles Owen will contact you with replacement details. Accident replacements are available within the first 3 years from date of purchase.

GPA Riding Helmets

GPA offers an accident replacement for $ 225.00 First Lady, Special Edition Speedair, First Lady Chrome, $ 200.00 Speed Air and $ 170.00 Titium, Classic and Extreme. + applicable taxes and possible shipping charges within 12 months of purchase or if a receipt is not available the time period is 18 months from date of manufacture. A letter is needed outlining the accident circumstances including all customer information. Only one crash replacement per new helmet is available. No crash replacements will is available for a helmet purchased as a crash replacement.

Tipperary Riding Helmets

Phoeonix Performance Products Inc. will handle the replacement of a helmet damaged due to an accident within 1 year from purchase date. Please contact Phoenix Performance Products Inc. directly for more information on how to obtain a replacement helmet.