Helmet Accident Replacement Policy

CHARLES OWEN Riding Helmets

Please go to Charles Owen website: www.charlesowen.com, select your country, fill out the accident report form and Charles Owen will contact you with replacement details. Accident replacements are available within the first 3 years from date of purchase.

GPA Riding Helmets

GPA offers an accident replacement for $ 225.00 First Lady, Special Edition Speedair, First Lady Chrome, $ 200.00 Speed Air, $ 180.00 Little Lady  and $ 170.00 Titium, Classic and Extreme. + applicable taxes and possible shipping charges within 12 months of purchase or if a receipt is not available the time period is 18 months from date of manufacture. A letter is needed outlining the accident circumstances including all customer information. Only one crash replacement per new helmet is available. No crash replacements will is available for a helmet purchased as a crash replacement.

Tipperary Riding Helmets

Phoeonix Performance Products Inc. will handle the replacement of a helmet damaged due to an accident within 1 year from purchase date. Please contact Phoenix Performance Products Inc. directly for more information on how to obtain a replacement helmet.