Neue Schule Pacifier 7 cm Shank Weymouth Bit

The Neue Schule Pacifier Weymouth Bit sits farther back in the horse’s mouth. It is often used on a horse with the “short smile” which is a small distance from the corner of the lip to the muzzle. It is also useful for horses with a sensitive, busy mouth, or those that have tongue evasions. This bit is also one to reach for if your horse is struggling to accept the double bridle. The pacifier mouthpiece depresses the whole of the tongue much further back to create a larger airway that may enhance breathing ability and the ability to swallow. The Neue Schule Salox Gold offers a neutral taste and is warm and soft which encourages the horse to be soft in the mouth. This material has been engineered to allow horses to bite onto the bit without reflecting the energy created back onto the teeth. Since there is poll action with this bit, a wide padded crownpiece is recommended.



  • 16mm thickness
  • 7cm shanks
  • Weymouth
  • Creates +2 pressure
  • Neue Schule Salox Gold
Neue Schule

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