Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Pad

The Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Sheepskin Half Pad features an anatomical shape that provides wither protection and offers discrete, shimmable saddle cushioning and correction. The internal pockets can hold removable inserts for strategically padding the saddle. The underside of the pad is lined with sheepskin which makes this pad both breathable and moisture wicking. The rolled edges on this pad give it a stylish appearance. It includes two memory foam visco front inserts. Optional back inserts and rear risers are sold separately.

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Excess heat and imperfect saddle fit are the most common causes for back problems in horses. Would you like help with both?

Fleeceworks™ Perfect Balance Pad features removable inserts in front, plus optional inserts for the back as well as inserts to fit along the entire pad.

Front Inserts: Made from visco--elastic foam (also called "Memory Foam", the front inserts are strategically placed to fill the dip beneath the withers. The high techno foam is strong enough to sustain lift, yet pliable to provide seamless build-up only where needed and absorb the motion of the shoulders in a way that is most comfortable for the horse.

Rear Inserts: Made from Plus Foam an stop the saddle from "rocking". The inserts will provide a lift of about 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The Plus Foam is of medium density and will not cause bridging (interruption of contact between saddle and horse).

Full Inserts: Visco-elastic full inserts will help with more severe temporary fit problems or with horses that are very sore backed. Our older trail companions will also benefit from this option.

The high tech memory foam insures even saddle contact and delivers additional protection.

The tactical seamless placement of the removable inserts give you the tools to maintain the optimum balance of your saddle and experience maximum contact between you and your horse. Fleeceworks Australian Merino sheepskin adds unsurpassed heat and moisture management to a pad that puts your ride back into Perfect Balance.


Regular: Dressage, Close Contact and All Purpose saddles 16.5” – 17.5”

Large: Very High Withered Horses and/or Horses 17 Hands Plus or Dressage, Close Contact and All Purpose saddles 17” – 18.5”.



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