Kingsleigh Equine Trough & Bucket Cleaner - 4 L

The Kingsleigh Equine Trough & Bucket Cleaner is an activated oxygenated cleanser. It is an all-natural-based cleaner, degreaser, and sanitizer that has been formulated from biodegradable, environmentally safe ingredients with no harmful VOCs. This cleaner contains hydrogen peroxide and natural degreasing agents and is highly effective as a spot and stain remover. It removes urine stains, protein stains, and organic stains. It removes grease, mildew, mold, and light corrosion while destroying odour-causing bacteria, and unpleasant odours, and provides colour-safe bleaching. Perfect for hard-to-clean troughs and buckets. This product will have your hardest-to-clean troughs and buckets sparkling like new!

To Use: Mix 125ml with 8L of water pour into bucket or trough and use a sponge to ensure all areas are covered. Allow the product to react for 10 to 20 minutes, then use a brush or sponge to clean and rinse with water.


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