Saddle Fitting

At Bahr Saddlery, we are very pleased to offer a Saddle Fitting Service to our customers. This Service is provided by a Professional Saddle Fitter and will help you achieve an accurate fit for both you and your horse. Our Saddle Fitters provide sound, honest adviceto riders and horses of all different levels, disciplines, fits and budgets. We also provide a custom templating service at a minimal cost to ensure the best fit for you and your horse.

Our Saddle Fitters travel to stables within a certain radius of our store. The cost of the service is based on mileage plus a flat service rate. Please call for pricing and to schedule an appointment.

At your saddle fitting appointment, our Saddle Fitter will spend the time required with you and your horse to fully appraise the saddle fit. As part of this appraisal, our Fitter will need to see the horse being ridden by its rider on a flat riding surface. Some minor adjustments can be done on-site, however, in most cases, re-flocking will need to be completed at the Bahr Saddlery workshop at our Hornby location.

Download Passier Saddle Fitting Chart PDF

Meet Our Saddle Fitters

Geoff Bahr

Qualified Saddle Fitter

Geoff is a qualified saddle fitter with the Society of Master Saddlers . He also has studied the trade of saddle fitting with companies such as Stübben and Passier. Not only can he relate to the horse's needs with his fitting knowledge, but also the rider’s requirements.

Liz Weir

Qualified Saddle Fitter

Liz is a qualified saddle fitter, who, received her training in the U.K. with the Society of Master Saddlery. In addition to her formal saddle-fitting training, Liz brings extensive riding experience, and 20 years of horse industry knowledge, to you and your horse, who are sure to benefit from her well-rounded expertise.