Short Shank


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  1. Coronet Copper Single Jointed Tom Thumb Training Bit
  2. Coronet Copper Single Jointed Western Training Bit
  3. Coronet Black Iron Copper Inlay Single Jointed Tom Thumb Bit
  4. Coronet Copper Mullen Mouth Flat Cheek Training Bit
  5. Miracle Bit Sweet Iron Cheek Bit
    Regular Price $199.95
  6. Coronet Half Wonder Gag with Black Chain Mouth
    Regular Price $20.95
  7. Coronet Copper Roller Flat Shank Training Bit
  8. Coronet Single Jointed Copper Inlay Western Flat Cheek Bit
    Regular Price $49.95
  9. Coronet 5" Shank Rope Side Pull Hackamore
  10. Coronet Robart Pinchless Short Shank Copper Inlay Training Snaffle Bit
    Regular Price $66.95
  11. Francois Gauthier Low Port Short Shank Futurity Bit
  12. CanPro Cooper Wide Port Western Reiner Bit
  13. Myler MB06 Sweet Iron Mullen Barrel Low Port HBT Shank Bit
  14. Myler MB03T Sweet Iron Twisted Comfort Snaffle with Copper Roller HBT Shank
  15. Myler MB02 Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle with a Wide Barrel and a HBT Shank
  16. Coronet Stainless Steel Single Jointed Double Rein Training Bit
  17. Coronet Short Shank Square Port Show Bit
  18. Robart Pinchless Stainless Steel Single Jointed Short Shank Bit
    Regular Price $49.95
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