Plastic Jump Cups Metal Pin

Very light weight yet tough and durable black plastic. Accurately shaped to fit the regular 4" x 4" uprights of most standards or wings. The rounded cup side is 2" deep and will securely hold rails in place if the horse just rubs the fence, but the rails will roll out for safety if sharply hit. Turn it over and you have a flat cup, perfect for securing gates, planks or panels. The flat side is perfect when one wants the light touches to count. The 7" steel pin is securely attached to the cup by rot resistant nylon cord. No more lost pins. The plastic will not lose its shape even in extreme temperatures. One of the few jump cups manufactured that can serve as a flat cup and as a deep cup. Twice the cups for 1/2 the price.

6" length and 6" wide each weigh approx 1.3 lb.


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